22 April 2008

The Dragacevo Trumpet Players Festival (Serbia)

Guca Trumpet Festival was conceived by young educated people, enthusiasts wishing to brake the monotony of life in a small place as Guca of time was- far away and deep in a province. Their spiritual and cultural needs were far beyond the life of temporary socio-political events and activities. It was good luck for them to come to an idea to organize such a unique event as the Trumpet Festival, and it was also good luck for the Festival that that it attracted so many industrious and creative followers-devotees of authentic folklore and tradition.
The first Trumpet Festival was held on 14th October 1961 in Guca. It was held on the day of the Shroud of the Holy Mother in the churchyard during the last traditional festival that took place here. Young boys and girls thought that this festival gave them a chance for the last meeting. The organizers of the Trumpet Festival believed that, this way, they would have audience for their programme as well. The day was sunny and warm. The interest of the people exceeded all expectations of organizers.

Gaudete Brass (USA)

"…Certainly a group on the rise..."The Gaudete Brass Quintet has quickly established itself as one of the premier brass chamber ensembles in the country today. Founded in 2004, the quintet is committed to sharing the great brass quintet literature with audiences in an exciting and relevant way. They are Artist-in-Residence at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and have been featured on a number of prominent concert series, including the Fourth Presbyterian Noon Concert Series in Chicago, Fine Arts at First at the First Methodist Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Musical Mondays in Milwaukee. The quintet has also performed on live radio broadcasts on the "Live in Studio C" program on Nashville Public Radio and the 21st Century Classical program on WSME in Milwaukee. In 2007, the group celebrated the centenary of Alec Wilder with the playing of his Suite No. 1 for Brass Quintet. The Gaudete Brass has collaborated with many accomplished organists on numerous organ and brass programs. They were the guest artists at the Freedom Celebration at the Northland Family Camp in Dunbar, Wisconsin. The quintet performed in the semi-finals of both the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition and the Plowman Chamber Music Competition in 2007.