30 September 2008

Giovanni Hoffer (Italy)

Giovanni Hoffer was born in Lecco (Italy)in 1972.In 1991 he took his French horn diploma at Milan’s Conservatoire “G.Verdi” under the guidance of Master Michele Berrino.He began his career playing with the main italian orchestras, including the Scala Philharmonica, the “G.Verdi” Symphonic Milan, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra, the R.A.I. Orchestra in Milan, the Italian Swiss Confederation Orchestra. He also played in many international tours (Japan, Australia, South America), working with world famous directors like Riccardo Muti, Lorin Maazel, George Pretre, Eliahu Inbal and many more.At the beginning of 2006, after the encounter with Lele Veronesi, he started the Hofferquattro project. Here, with the faith and dedication of Lele Veronesi (drums), Maurizio de Gasperi (piano rhodes) and Andrea Taravelli (electric bass) experimented the French horn’s potentials, tackling some standard jazz and mainly some compositions by Giovanni Hoffer himself."The French horn is still chained to classical music and looked upon with suspicion in the jazz scene.I have no idea where this journey will lead me, I like sailing towards the horizon.I don’t define my music, I let it go by itself, when it wants and in the way that suits it best."

28 September 2008

International Brass (Germany)

INTERNATIONAL BRASS - five musicians from four nations sharing one common language: music. These cultural differences go towards creating a group with a unique appeal. Together, they help to inspire entertainment of the highest quality.

Willy Huppertz (The Netherlands), Waldemar Jankus (Lithuania), Wilhelm Junker (Germany), Thomas Lindt (Germany) and Matthew P. Hall (United Kingdom) combine to bring a rich musical diversity to the stage. From baroque to rock; from romantic organ works to big band jazz; from Mozart to Mancini - no musical genre is off-limits. And, above all, the consistent factor remains music making of the highest quality.Such a comprehensive repertoire allows the ensemble to provide programmes suitable for a wide range of occasions, from church concerts to open air festivals.

Original music for brass quintet does not provide music for every occasion. The ensemble has consequently tailor-made much of its own repertoire - striving to maintain the essence of each original composition whilst simultaneously creating a new work in its own right. Amongst many of the exclusive arrangements made for INTERNATIONAL BRASS it is possible to find some real gems.

20 September 2008

Opus Lib Quintet (Canada)

This high profile ensemble brings their own vision to classic jazz repertoire. This includes the classics like Bernstein and Gershwin, but also encompass some noted jazz composers : Mingus, Ellington and others. This is not a jazz group but rather an ensemble interpreting jazz in a classical fashion. Not only we do perform by ourselves, we also team up with guest artists. We are also setting up some special events with some symphony orchestras.
Opus Lib is also working on various pedagogical projects aimed at ages from elementary school up to university level. This way we could combine a concert with a workshop or small school presentation. The topics for the workshops could be not only brass instrument technique, but also arranging, composing for film, conducting, jazz performance practice, contemporary music performance tips, and so on.
The quintet members are talented in many ways. For instance, some compose and arrange for shows and films. They provide the Opus Lib Brass Quintet with original arrangements. Others are performing in major ensembles and orchestras touring everywhere on the planet.
Link to the website of Louis Babin member of OLQ

Philadelphia Brass (USA)

The Philadelphia Brass was formed in 1988 by professional musicians of Eastern Pennsylvania to pursue their common goals: performing the best of brass quintet literature of all periods and styles, and educating the public to the pleasures, subtleties, and complexities of chamber music. Since its inception, Philadelphia Brass has performed over 500 times. It has collaborated in performances with bands, choruses, organists, dancers and clowns. It has performed educational programs for kindergartners, college students, and adults of all ages, coached grade school instrumentalists and taught a master class for the brass students of Juilliard.

Critics and public alike have enthusiastically praised the appealing diversity of repertoire, technical virtuosity, humorous and informative educational programs, and superb musicality of the ensemble. The ensemble's playing has been praised as "artistry of the highest calibre" and "dazzling technique" by presenters. Its master classes have been called "excellent and sensitively handled" and the esteemed American composer Daniel Pinkham has written that Philadelphia Brass is "the most artistic brass quintet before the public today."

01 September 2008

The Denver Brass (USA)

Formed in 1981 by an enthusiastic group of Denver's finest brass performers, the Denver Brass Inc. is comprised of 14 professional musicians who have dedicated themselves to enhancing the quality of life of the people of Colorado, the United States, and audiences around the world, by presenting fresh and exhilarating concerts of diverse and dynamic musical styles. Unique in the world for its approach to concert programming, and one of just a few professional large brass ensembles in the world, The Denver Brass has enjoyed a success that is directly linked to its universal appeal. People from every background find inspiration in the ensemble’s unique sounds. From “Echoes of Castles & Cathedrals” to “Latin Brass: Hot, Hot, Hot,” “Brass, Bagpipes & Co.,” and “Big Band Bash,” there’s something for everyone in every Denver Brass season. Denver Brass musicians are heard by more than 75,000 persons at more than 150 performances annually. The organization is in the forefront of brass performance, entertainment, commissioning, publishing, recording and education. The Denver Brass is heard on 20 compact discs on the Klavier, Centaur, Delos and Denver Brass labels. The recordings are sold nationally and internationally, and have received rave reviews from major brass and music journals around the world. The musicians of The Denver Brass are selected through audition for their technical and creative excellence, and are on the faculties of the area’s finest universities and music schools. The Denver Brass has been heard for the past several summers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre for Denver Film on the Rocks, with the Colorado Symphony, at Denver's Carousel Ball, opening night of the Colorado Ballet, the Mayor's Cup Race, Denver Botanic Gardens, the Arvada Center, World Youth Day Papal Mass of 1993, Colorado Music Educator’s Conference, and at many of the world’s major international music and brass conferences - International Organ Conference, International Women’s Brass Conference, Raphael Mendez Brass Institute, International Trumpet Guild Symposium, and the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference.