29 April 2010

Jorgen Welander (Sweden) - Funky tuba solo

Brass Ballet (Germany)

BRASSBALLETT is not just the name of a band, but a new musical genre.
That kind of music which transforms musicians into dancers and the practice room into a dancehall.
Modern brass music fuses with such styles of dance like Hip-Hop, Salsa, Street Dance, Tango and many more.
It’s all about reaching one goal: that you, dear audience won’t get bored and possibly will be able to say it the end of our show – WOW!
Video HERE and HERE

05 April 2010

Brett Baker (UK)

"The name Brett Baker has become an established, household name in the world of brass, not least for the level of commitment and focus that this outstanding musician has given to his craft. Brett has always combined ‘Nature with Nurture' in an ever evolving quest for personal fulfilment in and through his music making. His outstanding musical accomplishments are testament to his ‘can do' attitude combining his talent with tenacity and his desire with determination. Brett was always destined to fulfil his personal goals and aspirations and I believe the future ‘new generation' of British brass enthusiasts have much to glean from seeking to emulate the formulae and foundation principles that Brett continues to share with those that search to live their own dream and draw on the resource of his knowledge and experience." Professor David King

Brett Baker is well established as one of the finest trombonists in Europe and has been described as being at the pinnacle of his glittering career. As principal trombone in Black Dyke Band - one of the most famous brass bands in the world - and as a guest soloist who has appeared with many other bands in Europe, America, Canada, Japan, Australia and New Zealand, together with his many solo recordings, technical accomplishments and warm personality, Brett's fame and popularity is truly world-wide. Add to this his commissioning of new works for trombone, teaching, conducting and adjudicating skills (he is a clinician for Michael Rath Trombones) and his reputation as an exceptional all-round musician is assured.

Polished Brass Quintet (Canada)

Ottawa's Polished Brass Quintet was founded in 1995 by a very fine gentleman named Bob Antosik. Bob's three-decade working career was in the RCMP, then CMHC. He played the tuba as a hobby for many years; then, after "retirement", he pulled together a group of brass-playing friends, including the late Sid Holmes, a trumpet legend in Ottawa, scrounged some quintet music, and the Polished Brass was born. Over the years, individual members have come and gone, but Bob remained throughout, encouraging new players, keeping the rehearsals going and the music flowing. Bob's dedication was proven beyond a doubt when, the day after a long afternoon concert at the Mackenzie-King estate, it was determined that he had done the whole event with a broken hip!

Bob Antosik died on 20 September 2009 at the age of 76. He had played a concert with the band just four days earlier. As the tuba player, he was necessarily the musical "anchor" of the Polished Brass Quintet, but that title fit in many other ways as well. The other members miss him.

With a library of over 500 numbers, they can tailor a programme for just about any event or musical taste. Indeed, they've played in parades and flotillas, for receptions and weddings, Church services and cultural events. They have played on Parliament Hill for a couple of thousand people, but they also entertained in hospitals for a couple of dozen.

Listen to 'Ain't Misbehavin'

02 April 2010

The Venezuelan Brass Ensemble

The Venezuelan Brass Ensemble has set itself the task of giving fresh impetus to brass-instrument education in Venezuela. Since its foundation under the patronage of José Antonio Abreu, father of the Venezuelan orchestral movement, the Venezuelan Brass Ensemble has raised its professionalism to a high level with the exemplary support of internationally recognized musicians. Thanks to the academic guardianship assumed by the Berlin Philharmonic, and the financial support given by the Inter-American Development Bank, high-calibre teachers have been signed up for master classes in Venezuela.

The Brass Factory

Oberloh Woodwind and Brass Works

Oberloh has the capability to fabricate instrument parts that are no longer carried by the manufacturer. If you have an instrument that other shops say cannot be repaired or rebuilt, bring the horn to them before you give up hope!
The image above shows the King BBb helicon shortly after its completion. Manufactured by the H.N. White Co. in 1905 for the United States Military. Fully restored by Daniel C. Oberloh in satin silver plate. The valves were also completely rebuilt during the process. It is the oldest one of its type that Oberloh Woodwind and Brass Works has ever restored.
More pictures HERE!