30 July 2013

Sonus Brass (Austria)

Many enthusiastic reviews in music magazine prove that Sonus Brass Ensemble, founded in 1994, has become one of the most active, intriguing, and innovative brass ensembles in Austria. In classical brass instrumentation consisting of 2 trumpets, bugle, trombone, and tuba the five musicians demonstrate a tremendous musical scope ranging from early to contemporary music and comprising original as well as cover versions. They have received international recognition for their numerous music appreciation projects:
 “Rocky Roccoco”
 "The Brass Workers"
 "The Emperors new Cloths"
"Don Quichotte and friends":
The second part of the concert consists of the play “Don Quichotte, clownish comedy”.
The play starts with Sancho Panza’s initial complaint, “I’ve been serving my master Don Quichotte for 17 years now! Pha! But what does he amount to without me his loyal squire?! Of course, in our play, Sancho Pansa will kill the dragon for his master. And Don Quichotte will be refused by Dulcinea, and there will be fierce battles between Don Quichotte and the windmills of La Mancha. In our version of this classic there will even be casualties, but in the end director Markus Kupferblum brings all the dead characters back to life, Don Quichotte will certainly have a happy end with his beloved Dulcinea, and Rosinante gets…. let’s not divulge all the surprises!

29 July 2013

Phil's Old and Odd Brass Collection (USA)

 "Tornister"  Tenor Tuba by Cervany c.1900
This is a beautiful small Tenor Tuba or Baritone  in Bb made by Cervany primarily for the military. It is called a "Tornister" or "Rucksack" baritone. The advantage of such a small horn is obvious- it can be easily carried on a long march in a soldier-musician's backback. It is 16 1/2" lng (42cm) and has a bell 6 7/8" (17.5cm) in diameter. Note the unique design feature which has the leadpipe coming from the side opposite the bell. It is a nearly identical companion to my tiny Tornister Tuba which is only slightly larger.  The label  is written: CERVANY & SOHNNE - ZUKUNIGGRATZ IN BOHMEN.   This baritone and my Tornister Tuba were both lovingly restored by Dick Hansen in Massachusetts. They both play amazingly well for such small horns.
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28 July 2013

Brass Ambassadors (USA)

Established in 1982 and comprised of five brass instrumentalists, the Brass Ambassadors have performed throughout the Midwestern United States for military functions, public concerts, recitals, and school clinics. Led by Musician Second Class David Paff, this ensemble performs musical styles such as classical compositions, Dixieland and march arrangements.

Navy Band Great Lakes' Mission

"Pride in Service" has been the theme for Navy Band Great Lakes for more than a century. From 1911, when the band first formed, to 1917, when Lieutenant Commander John Philip Sousa served as Bandmaster, to today's Director, Lieutenant Patrick K. Sweeten, our music represents the pride and professionalism that is synonymous with the United States Navy.
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21 July 2013

The Bay Brass (USA)

Formed in 1995, The Bay Brass, is comprised of a cooperative of players from the San Francisco Bay Area's leading performing organizations including the San Francisco Symphony, the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra, the San Francisco Opera Orchestra, and Symphony Silicon Valley. The aim of the group is to present both large-scale symphonic brass ensemble works and compositions for smaller combinations of players in acoustics which complement the wonderful sound of brass. In addition, The Bay Brass programs concerts of remarkable diversity, combining the traditional brass repertory with jazz and other contemporary styles, including the works of some of today's most influential composers.
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19 July 2013

Belgian Brass (Belgium)

Belgian Brass were formerly the Belgian Brass Soloists quintet until artistic director Manu Mellaerts launched the idea of bringing together a larger, more all-round group of musicians with a view to enhancing this ensemble’s artistic scope. Thanks to this ‘new concept’, it was possible to achieve a more dynamic reach and a larger artistic colour pallet. Owing to the extra dynamism and the artistic expansion, Belgian Brass has developed into a first-class ensemble with flexibility and virtuosity as its main trademarks. By adding the rhythm section to the classical brass tentet, Belgian Brass is ready at all times to tackle the most diverse of compositions. It is mainly its own musicians who adapt pieces in diverse music styles, playing to Belgian Brass’s specific strength. In doing so, they always show the greatest respect for the original score and set great store by a distinctly symphonic sound ideal. All Belgian Brass programmes offer a subtle and balanced mix of the most diverse music genres which the eminent musicians – thanks to years of experience – have at their finger tips: the baroque, via renaissance, through to contemporary classical music and even big band. Belgian Brass manages to appeal to every kind of audience.

18 July 2013

Boston Brass (USA)

Boston Brass has been featured on The CBS Early Show, National Public Radio'sPerformance TodayThe Great American Brass Band Festival and has recorded several diverse albums. Latin Nights, their latest offering, features a collection of some of the greatest classical and jazz works by Latin composers and performers and features the legendary drummer Steve Gadd, the beautiful voice of Talita Real, percussion and guitar. Other albums include Ya Gotta Try, featuring music from Horace Silver, Chick Corea and Dizzy Gillespie, produced by legendary jazz recording genius Rudy van Gelder andWithin Earshot, featuring classical works by Shostakovich, Ginastera, Dvorak, Liszt and others. 

2011 marked the 25th Anniversary of Boston Brass and was celebrated with the "25 Fanfares Project," wherein 25 fanfares were premiered by composers from all over the country.  Boston Brass also premiered a new major commission by noted wind ensemble composer Brian Balmages and new arrangements by the legendary Sam Pilafian. Additionally, Boston Brass was very excited to have the opportunity to collaborate in the 2010/2011 season with the fabulous Imani Winds in a program entitled "Sketches of Spain," featuring the music of Miles Davis and Gil Evans. In the 2012/2013 season the quintet begins touring their "Notes from the Balcony" program with the  Enso String Quartet. The program features music based on "Romeo and Juliet"

MP3: Wave (vocalist: Talita Real)

17 July 2013

Tim Zimmerman and The Kings Brass (USA)

Tim Zimmerman and The King's Brass present hymn classics with a contemporary
flair.  The King's Brass features three trumpets, three trombones, a tuba, percussion and keyboards.  These instruments blend together to create a time of innovative worship that will be enjoyed by all generations.

Secular and sacred music critics alike applaud their concerts as "superb in every way" and "innovative and well played."  "Truly, an unforgettable experience!"

The King’s Brass, formed three decades ago, is comprised of professional musicians from across the country, who desire to use the instruments they love to lead others in praise and worship.

This year the group will be celebrating their 35th Anniversary Tour.  As a result, The King’s Brass will be introducing their sixteenth recording titled “The Best of Tim Zimmerman and The King’s Brass – The First 35 Years.  This CD, released on the Summit Records label www.summitrecords.com, features the groups favorites from their past CD releases as well as three new bonus selections.

16 July 2013

Harlequin Brass (UK)

Harlequin Brass are the North of England's premier 10-piece brass ensemble. Based in Yorkshire, the group has gained respect throughout the country and further afield with its commitment to musical excellence as well as variety and entertainment.
The quality of the ensemble has been widely recognised with regular broadcasts on BBC Radio 2, 3 and 4, Classic FM and even on National Television including an appearance on BBC Television's 'Songs of Praise" and in the Morrison's Christmas advertising campaign for two years running. The ensemble also have the honour of being the first British Brass Ensemble to perform in the world famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. They recently appeared at the Victoria Hall in Stoke as part of Gospel Spectacular which saw them perform alongside the biggest names in gospel, the LCGC and ACM choirs.
Harlequin Brass received the award of 'Record of the Year' from Classic FM Magazine for their second CD 'Music for a Millennium'
A concert from Harlequin Brass may take you through the ages of Classical Music, through to Ragtime, Blues, Jazz and Popular Music, and across the seas to the music of France and Spain, or even Mexico and Argentina!

15 July 2013

Flip Oakes Wild Thing™

With over 45 years of playing experience, Flip Oakes has designed a trumpet that surpasses all others. All Flip Oakes “C” trumpets and Flip Oakes Wild Thing Bb trumpets are made to enhance the sound and style you, the player choose to express. Each Wild Thing Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugelhorn is intricately set up by Flip Oakes personally, to ensure accuracy and the best in consistency and quality.

Flip proud to introduce the Copper bell Wild Thing™ Trumpets. The copper bells give the horns a warmer, and more “Ah” sound really more like “Awe“… Whereas a brass bell, has more of a “eh“, or “e” sound .
The copper belled instruments are the most ideal, and suited for ‘The SOLOISTS, or ARTIST’. In Jazz they are most sought after. Their sound just has more character to it…

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Thank you Flip very much for all your help and patience, but most of all for designing such Incredible Instruments, to make my job easier, and more enjoyable.
Frank Glasson
Professional Classical & Jazz Trumpet Player and Teacher
San Diego, CA.

Onyx Brass (UK)

Onyx Brass is one of the rare breed of chamber ensembles whose musical and technical virtuosity is matched by the accessibility and vitality of their presentation. Their mission is to have their extraordinary abilities at the disposal of the music at all times, and to play music of the requisite quality to reflect the status of the brass quintet as a serious medium for chamber music. The richness and warmth of their sound is remarked upon by all who hear them.

"One of Britain's classiest brass acts...stands apart from the rest of the field...holds its own as one of the finest brass groups in the country...audience enjoyment is paramount....If you ever see a concert by Onyx advertised, it is certainly worth a visit to listen to this energetic and dynamic brass group, which is busy attracting audiences to the genre of new brass music." (British Bandsman magazine, England)

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13 July 2013

Bozen Brass (Italy)

Bozen Brass is not limited to one specific musical style. There repertoire goes from "baroque to blues" and lets them reach a broad audience.
They are perfectly able to offer this broad range in music even with genuine instruments fitting the time, the piece of music was composed. Music from baroque, renaissance and opera, presented in a black suit, is a reference to the classic musical education.
But five brass instruments are made for even more. Courageously and unconventially they switch to jazz, pop and rock, making appear stars such as Sting or Michael Jackson on stage.
The ultimate kick comes from time to time when Robert Neumair takes his seat behind the drumset.
Alpine brass songs are also part of their repertoire, just like a polka with vocals or a solo by Robert Neumair and his accordion.
A lot of pieces are especially written or arranged for Bozen Brass. Robert Neumair is the most busy composer, but Anton Ludwig Wilhalm is also responsible for some arrangements.

Bavarian Brass (Germany)

BAVARIAN BRASS was founded in 1994 by four trumpeters, connecting artistic training on their instrument. After a short time, organ and timpani joined more than "royal" instruments of the ensemble and led it to its "massive tonal splendor," as one reviewer put it.

Bavaria Brass is one of the few formations in this occupation and has performed with many baroque playfulness and musicality at home and abroad. Also on nationwide radio station the bright trumpets, majestic organ and timpani sounds pompous of the ensemble are sent.

The emphasis in church music concerts of the six friends lies in the interpretation of original trumpet parts of Baroque organ with an adapted voice. Here you let them lead and inspired that editing your own or other works in the age of Johann Sebastian Bach was a widely practiced custom.
It is also BAVARIAN BRASS but also a concern to demonstrate the versatility of today's Trumpets by arranging very different music from different eras.

12 July 2013

Bertrand Moren with Brass Band 13 Etoiles (Switzerland)

Concert played by "Brass Band 13 Etoiles" in Switzerland. The work performed is "The Flying slide" (Ethan Thompson).  Soloist: Bertrand Moren.

His first musical beginnings made ​​Bertrand with six years on the piano and the cornet. From the piano he was thrilled from the moment, certainly thanks to his parents, who had always motivated and inspired him. The cornet, however, was not the instrument that could cause enthusiasm in him. At the age of 8 years and when he was still a student of the School of Music at Concordia Vétroz, he decided, inspired by his father to switch to the trombone. With this instrument he had to immediately play its fun and over twenty years later, Bertrand still has the same joy.

The first trombone lessons were taught to him by his father Géo-Pierre Moren. He proved to be particularly challenging, either on technical or on the musical level. The results were not as long in coming: Bertrand has received numerous Swiss league titles and prices, especially on the Swiss music competition for young people.

He also played in numerous musical groups and the Brass Band Treize Etoiles, where he is principal trombonist today.

After his graduation in 1995 he decided to study music. He had the privilege of private lessons with the greats of this instrument to visit, especially Branimir Slokar and Dany Bonvin. Bertrand studied for several years at the Conservatory in Geneva. In June 1999, Bertrand received the certificate of the College of Music.

Bertrand also had the pleasure to play with the orchestra of the Conservatory of Geneva, various chamber ensembles, brass quintets and other formations trombone. However, his preference is clearly the brass band formations.

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09 July 2013

Naval Academy Band Brass Ensemble (USA)

The Brass Ensemble is made up of personnel from the concert band. The ensemble performs on a regular basis throughout the year and has appeared at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, the Naval Academy Chapel, Towson University, Gordon Center for the Performing Arts, and the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen in Baltimore.  In recent years, the ensemble has performed under the batons of Murray Sidlin, David Hickman, Ernie Green, Gene Young, and the late Milt Stevens, and has collaborated with world-renowned organist Monte Maxwell.  The Brass Ensemble performs original works for brass, orchestral transcriptions, and arrangements by ensemble members.  Under the direction of Chief Musician John Babcock, the Naval Academy Band Brass Ensemble takes pride in preserving the rich heritage of brass music while embracing and promoting new music in a meaningful and entertaining manner suitable for all audiences.

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International Brass Interpretation Contest (Ro)

In 2013 the nongovernmental Association, Romanian Brass Society aims to organize the fourth edition of the contest, which will take place in three stages with a selected jury of personalities from the field. 
The competition is organized together with the Faculty of Music, University of West Timisoara.
In the third stage performers will be accompanied by the orchestra. We believe that in this edition as the previous ones, will participate talented young people from our country and abroad.
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08 July 2013

Broken Brass (NL)

Broken Brass Ensemble combines the traditional New Orleans brass with hiphop, balkan, funk, fanfare (and much more) into a blazing mixture of energy. The eight BBE members are all very young and talented musicians who combine swinging brass with tight percussion. All their work are originals, though the band isn't ashamed to rock the audience with a surprising cover every now and then. 
From Holland with love.