28 December 2008

Gomalan brass quintet (Italy)

Gomalan Brass Quintet - Soul Bossa Nova live in Rome
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Play well while working towards the best possible results: this is the aspiration that brought together, almost by chance, five musicians from different towns in Italy, who in the past have played, and currently still play, as principal musicians in some of the most prestigious orchestras in Europe - to name but some, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, the Munich Radio Orchestra, the Frankfurt Opera, La Scala in Milan, the Santa Cecilia Academy, the Maggio Musicale Forentino, Teatro San Carlo in Naples, Teatro Regio in Turin, the Italian Swiss Radio Orchestra in Lugano, and the National Symphony Orchestra of the RAI national radio and TV -, working with some of the world’s greatest living conductors, such as Metha, Muti, Maazel, Pretre, Sinopoli, Giulini, Chung…
The Gomalan Brass Quintet, as we know it today, was formed in 1999; motivated by a desire to express their maximum artistic potential, the group performs a repertoire that goes from Renaissance to contemporary music, yet by no means snubs genres at times considered less refined.
Just two years after starting out, in November 2001, the group won one of the world’s most prestigious awards: the first prize at the "Town of Passau" International Contest in Germany, receiving enthusiastic praise from renowned international brass celebrities such as Roger Bobo, David Ohanian, Steaven Mead, Dale Clevenger and Froydis Ree Wekre, all of whom consider the Gomalan Brass one of the most captivating and exciting groups on the international circuit.
A regular presence at the most important concert halls and main Italian musical festivals, (Festival di Stresa, The Sounds of the Dolomites, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, the theatres of Bolzano, Parma, Bologna, Turin, Milan, ...), the Gomalan Brass has also performed in the United States, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Greece and Switzerland, and has given Master Classes at the Tanglewood Institute of Music, at Toronto University of Music, at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester and at the University of Music in Glasgow.
Numerous radios have broadcast concerts and pieces by the Gomalan Brass Quintet, to name but a few: Bayerisches Rundfunk, Radio Vaticana, Radio Canada and Radio Rai Tre (for whom the group has performed several world premières).
The Quintet has made two CDs, (with a third currently under production), produced by Summit Records, today one of the world’s most prestigious labels for brasses

Opus 5 (Switzerland)

Opus 5 Brass Quintet, which was founded by Bertrand Galley in May 2007, has a colourful repertory of chamber music that ranges from the Renaissance up through the contemporary period, and even includes jazz.
The rich and extensive span of Opus 5 Brass Quintet’s timbre has inspired musicians either to compose or to arrange musical numbers especially for their performance. These compositions let the musical ensemble explore fully the deep, warm registers ofthe trombone and of the tuba as well as the crystalline brilliance of the piccolo trumpet.
Mindful of the pedagogical needs of school children, Opus 5 Brass Quintet has specially designed programmes meant to encourage exposure to the fine world of classical music for youth audiences. Well-known actors and musicians take part in these educational performances. Of late, the group has performed such time-honoured work as Francis Poulenc’s Histoire de Babar le petit elephant, Sergey Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf, and Camille Saint-Saën’s Carnaval des Animaux.

21 December 2008

Quatuor1084 (France)

The quatuor 1084°C merged together in 1998 at the Paris Conservatoire where they were awarded unanimouly the first price of chamber music in June 2000. Stemming from four personnalities of high calibre this music group originally classic could rapidly extend their repertory . Playing con brio and enthusiastically a self-made arrangement of the String Quatuor n°1 of Tchaikovski or the music of the film Rabbi Jacob, no anachronism frightens them: they are able to make a”coming back to the future”of nearly four centuries in only one hour and a half.
The result of a regular work and of a constant dialogue their catalogue is made in the image of their character: varied programmes for varying occasions and places. Since beginning 2006 the association” Brass à la carte” promotes 1084° particularly by reviving their first show “ZOOM on the screen”. Organized by the “Musical Youth of France “ the made a two-year-tour in the whole country.

Per Sonare

Per Sonare is a fantastic Brass ensemble from Austria. Just before Christmas they mixed and mastered there Christmas CD ''Weihnachten bei uns'' It's a pleasure to listen to great Christmas music. Go to the website and buy that CD!

05 November 2008

Presidio Brass (USA)

Hailing from “ America’s Finest City”, San Diego, CA, Presidio Brass is a dynamic force in American brass chamber music. With a unique and exciting repertoire written specifically for the ensemble, the Presidio Brass is committed to providing engaging musical programs as well as developing close ties to their audience. Presidio has concertized nationally, presenting formal recitals as well as educational outreach programs throughout the United States. Members
of the ensemble have been seen with major symphony orchestras, including the London Philharmonic and Los Angeles Philharmonic; can be heard on soundtracks ranging from video games to major motion pictures; and have been educated at several of America’s finest institutions, including the Juilliard School, Boston Conservatory, Manhattan School of Music
and USC. Presidio Brass was formed primarily to promote musical education and appreciation in the next generation.

Trombone Giants

Again..a little bit of jazz from the trombone giants Joseph Alessi, Scott Hartmann, Christian Lindberg, Branimir Slokar and Michel Becquet.

24 October 2008

The Ottone Brass Quintet (Belgium)

The Ottone Brass Quintet was officially held over the baptismal font on 1 October 2004. In Ottone, Italian for brass, the group found its proper name. The quintet was immediately noticed by the Belgian national classical radio station, Klara and gave its first concert on 17th of October 2004 in deBijloke concert hall in Ghent. The concert was broadcasted during the programme ‘Visioenen’ produced by Peter Van Bouwel.Ottone unites five musicians whose aim is to help to revive the art of the brass quintet. The quintet consists of Alain De Rudder and Steven Verhaert, trumpet, Eliz Erkalp horn, Jan Smets trombone and Mark Reynolds on the tuba. As well as being soloists of deFilharmonie (Antwerp) and the Orchestra of La Monnaie (Brussels), each of the members bring with them a wealth of experience of playing in both national and international chamber music ensembles and have a wide knowledge of repertoire ranging from early to contemporary music.

Guiseppe Verdi (1813-1901) Prelude to Act I from ‘La Traviata’
Dimitri Shostakovich (1906-1975) Suite of ‘Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk’

Italian Brass Quintet (Italy)

This group is formed by some members of the Orchestra del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, joined by firendship and musicality. The high level and the virtuosism of its members enable them to deliver performances of great quality. It has a wide repertory, consisting of original pieces and of arrangements of all times.
The quintet has already performed in many Festivals, as it was invitet at: Antey-St-André (Val d'Aosta), Santa Fiora in Musica (Toscana), Ouverture Toscana 2001 (Siena), Minori (Salerno), Ancona Musica, Urbino Festival, Estate Musicale Imprunetina, Teatro Ponchielli di Cremona, Gargano Festival, La Spezia Società dei concerti, Syracuse University, Brass Festival in Nus, Brass festival in Brescia, Art is Life in Rome, Napoli nova Festival ,Madonie Festival, and others.
The members of the Italian Brass Quintet are quite active as teachers in courses and master classes in Italy, Europe and other countries. They are the coaches of the World Youth Orchestra, Accademia Mimesis Maggio Arte, Accademia Santa Fiora in Musica.

08 October 2008

Berlioz Historical Brass

Berlioz Historical Brass dedicates itself to the exploration and presentation of early 19th century brass instruments. The inspiration for the ensemble stems from a Boston Symphony Orchestra performance of Hector Berlioz's Messe solennelle. Maestro Seiji Ozawa set a precedent by including a period instrument in the orchestra--the serpent played by Douglas Yeo--thus demonstrating that the modern symphony and chamber music settings could provide a venue to inform audiences of these unique brass instruments. The ensemble now includes the presentation of twelve instruments--keyed bugle, natural horn, trombone, buccin, serpent, serpent Forveille, serpent a pavillon, Russian bassoon, cimbasso, bass horn, ophimonocleide, and ophicleide--all used during Berlioz's time and most appear in his Grande traite d'instrumentation .

Berlioz Historical Brass players, in what has become an informal collective of musicians, perform in modern and period orchestras and serve as editors, columnists, and authors of historical brass resarch. The ensemble also serves to encourage and assist in the production of recordings and the publication of early 19th century editions of sacred and harmonie music for historical brass.

03 October 2008

Norlan Bewley (The Low Brass Ensemble)

Norlan Bewley, Low Brass Artist (trombone, euphonium, and tuba family of instruments), is a new breed of brass player specializing in performance on all of the low brass instruments. For the past twenty years he has had extensive experience teaching, performing on, and composing for low brass, developing an unparalled perspective, insight, and approach toward these instruments. Through years of private teaching and performance, he has developed direct and effective methods of instruction that address the most basic and difficult areas of low brass playing in a manner clear to all, from beginners to professionals. In his private teaching alone, for the past 10 years Norlan has given more than 700 individual low brass students over 23,000 private lessons. A champion of the instruments, he is dedicated to the improvement, advancement, and increase of opportunities for every aspect of low brass education and performance.


Low Brass Ensemble Music is a new type of listening and performance opportunity. The musical sound is a cross between the Trombone Choir and the Tuba/Euphonium Ensemble, which are both popular groups. They each exclude the other half of the low brass section however, so the goal of the Low Brass Ensemble is to allow all of the low brass instruments to participate in one group.

The instrumentation for the Low Brass Ensemble is trombone 1, trombone 2, euphonium, and tuba. The music is all 4-part writing, so the Low Brass Ensemble can be used for chamber music as a quartet, or with multiple players on each part as a large ensemble, even using the entire low brass section if desired. From an educator's perspective, it can be an easier ensemble to assemble than an all trombone or all tuba/euphonium group, plus it involves all of the low brass section.

30 September 2008

Giovanni Hoffer (Italy)

Giovanni Hoffer was born in Lecco (Italy)in 1972.In 1991 he took his French horn diploma at Milan’s Conservatoire “G.Verdi” under the guidance of Master Michele Berrino.He began his career playing with the main italian orchestras, including the Scala Philharmonica, the “G.Verdi” Symphonic Milan, the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra, the R.A.I. Orchestra in Milan, the Italian Swiss Confederation Orchestra. He also played in many international tours (Japan, Australia, South America), working with world famous directors like Riccardo Muti, Lorin Maazel, George Pretre, Eliahu Inbal and many more.At the beginning of 2006, after the encounter with Lele Veronesi, he started the Hofferquattro project. Here, with the faith and dedication of Lele Veronesi (drums), Maurizio de Gasperi (piano rhodes) and Andrea Taravelli (electric bass) experimented the French horn’s potentials, tackling some standard jazz and mainly some compositions by Giovanni Hoffer himself."The French horn is still chained to classical music and looked upon with suspicion in the jazz scene.I have no idea where this journey will lead me, I like sailing towards the horizon.I don’t define my music, I let it go by itself, when it wants and in the way that suits it best."

28 September 2008

International Brass (Germany)

INTERNATIONAL BRASS - five musicians from four nations sharing one common language: music. These cultural differences go towards creating a group with a unique appeal. Together, they help to inspire entertainment of the highest quality.

Willy Huppertz (The Netherlands), Waldemar Jankus (Lithuania), Wilhelm Junker (Germany), Thomas Lindt (Germany) and Matthew P. Hall (United Kingdom) combine to bring a rich musical diversity to the stage. From baroque to rock; from romantic organ works to big band jazz; from Mozart to Mancini - no musical genre is off-limits. And, above all, the consistent factor remains music making of the highest quality.Such a comprehensive repertoire allows the ensemble to provide programmes suitable for a wide range of occasions, from church concerts to open air festivals.

Original music for brass quintet does not provide music for every occasion. The ensemble has consequently tailor-made much of its own repertoire - striving to maintain the essence of each original composition whilst simultaneously creating a new work in its own right. Amongst many of the exclusive arrangements made for INTERNATIONAL BRASS it is possible to find some real gems.

20 September 2008

Opus Lib Quintet (Canada)

This high profile ensemble brings their own vision to classic jazz repertoire. This includes the classics like Bernstein and Gershwin, but also encompass some noted jazz composers : Mingus, Ellington and others. This is not a jazz group but rather an ensemble interpreting jazz in a classical fashion. Not only we do perform by ourselves, we also team up with guest artists. We are also setting up some special events with some symphony orchestras.
Opus Lib is also working on various pedagogical projects aimed at ages from elementary school up to university level. This way we could combine a concert with a workshop or small school presentation. The topics for the workshops could be not only brass instrument technique, but also arranging, composing for film, conducting, jazz performance practice, contemporary music performance tips, and so on.
The quintet members are talented in many ways. For instance, some compose and arrange for shows and films. They provide the Opus Lib Brass Quintet with original arrangements. Others are performing in major ensembles and orchestras touring everywhere on the planet.
Link to the website of Louis Babin member of OLQ

Philadelphia Brass (USA)

The Philadelphia Brass was formed in 1988 by professional musicians of Eastern Pennsylvania to pursue their common goals: performing the best of brass quintet literature of all periods and styles, and educating the public to the pleasures, subtleties, and complexities of chamber music. Since its inception, Philadelphia Brass has performed over 500 times. It has collaborated in performances with bands, choruses, organists, dancers and clowns. It has performed educational programs for kindergartners, college students, and adults of all ages, coached grade school instrumentalists and taught a master class for the brass students of Juilliard.

Critics and public alike have enthusiastically praised the appealing diversity of repertoire, technical virtuosity, humorous and informative educational programs, and superb musicality of the ensemble. The ensemble's playing has been praised as "artistry of the highest calibre" and "dazzling technique" by presenters. Its master classes have been called "excellent and sensitively handled" and the esteemed American composer Daniel Pinkham has written that Philadelphia Brass is "the most artistic brass quintet before the public today."

01 September 2008

The Denver Brass (USA)

Formed in 1981 by an enthusiastic group of Denver's finest brass performers, the Denver Brass Inc. is comprised of 14 professional musicians who have dedicated themselves to enhancing the quality of life of the people of Colorado, the United States, and audiences around the world, by presenting fresh and exhilarating concerts of diverse and dynamic musical styles. Unique in the world for its approach to concert programming, and one of just a few professional large brass ensembles in the world, The Denver Brass has enjoyed a success that is directly linked to its universal appeal. People from every background find inspiration in the ensemble’s unique sounds. From “Echoes of Castles & Cathedrals” to “Latin Brass: Hot, Hot, Hot,” “Brass, Bagpipes & Co.,” and “Big Band Bash,” there’s something for everyone in every Denver Brass season. Denver Brass musicians are heard by more than 75,000 persons at more than 150 performances annually. The organization is in the forefront of brass performance, entertainment, commissioning, publishing, recording and education. The Denver Brass is heard on 20 compact discs on the Klavier, Centaur, Delos and Denver Brass labels. The recordings are sold nationally and internationally, and have received rave reviews from major brass and music journals around the world. The musicians of The Denver Brass are selected through audition for their technical and creative excellence, and are on the faculties of the area’s finest universities and music schools. The Denver Brass has been heard for the past several summers at Red Rocks Amphitheatre for Denver Film on the Rocks, with the Colorado Symphony, at Denver's Carousel Ball, opening night of the Colorado Ballet, the Mayor's Cup Race, Denver Botanic Gardens, the Arvada Center, World Youth Day Papal Mass of 1993, Colorado Music Educator’s Conference, and at many of the world’s major international music and brass conferences - International Organ Conference, International Women’s Brass Conference, Raphael Mendez Brass Institute, International Trumpet Guild Symposium, and the International Tuba-Euphonium Conference.

28 August 2008

Bella Tromba (UK)

Bella Tromba are a unique and innovative ensemble. Their dynamic performances and charismatic personalities ensure that their work extends far beyond the boundaries of the classical music world. Bella Tromba met in 2004 at the Royal Academy of Music whilst studying for Postgraduates. Their aim was to form a versatile ensemble and to find repertoire to show the full spectrum of colours that the trumpet has to offer. The trumpet has been under exploited in the field of chamber music, though its versatility makes it ideal for this genre. Bella Tromba have unearthed much forgotten music for trumpet quartet as well as shaping the future of the trumpet quartet by commissioning and arranging new works.
The members of Bella Tromba have all performed with many of the countries leading orchestras, including the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia, the Halle, the Orchestra of the Swan and the London Mozart Players.

Bella Tromba’s Outreach programme is an opportunity for all types of people to discover and explore live music performed by dynamic young professional musicians.
Every concert and workshop is an exciting mix of Classical, Popular and Jazz music. Each piece is introduced with listening notes, and the production of sound is explored through informative and fun demonstrations.

08 August 2008

Ewald Brass Quintet (Hungary)

The Ewald Brass Quintet was founded in 1996 by former students of Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music (Budapest). The Members of the ensemble are Levente Bakó, Tamás Tarkó, András Kovalcsik, Péter Magyar, Attila Peresztegi. They are also acknowledged as soloists and winners, awarded to prizes at numerous national competitions. In 1998, at their first parcipitation in international competitions, they have been awarded the first prize and also an extra prize of the jury at the highest-ranked VII. International Brass Competition in Narbonne (France). In the following two years, the ensemble won prizes at eight high-rank international competitions.

03 August 2008

Miraphone Tuba Quartet (France)

Four Frenchmen, who play the tuba: Philippe Wendling, Patrick Couttet, Philippe Gallet and Olivier Galmant show as Miraphone Tuba Quartett, what the often too little appreciated instrument is capable of.
For 14 years now, the artists have been giving concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the USA.
With that, they received such excellent reputation as a quartet, that amazed even experts in music of brass instruments.
The four musicians already met several times in the course of their education, but it was not until 1993, when they again met at the National Conservatory in Paris, that they got to know each other very well, personally as well as musically.
Although four tubas are not a customary cast, the musicians want to show that, also with these instruments, it is possible to offer an entertaining repertoire.

The Extreme Trombone Quartet (Hungary)

The EXTREME Trombone Quartet was founded in 2004 by students and graduates of the Music Academy. The four excellent young trombonists joined together in a regular trombone quartet formation: 3 tenor and a bass trombone. They were brought together by friendship, love of brass music and the wish to express their common musical message to create their own performance. The band intends to exploit the spectrum of brass chamber music as well as stepping across the boundaries of the genre. This is demonstrated not only by the carefully compiled arrangements but also by their own self-written pieces all of which require high-level, virtuoso playing.

(A bad movie but a great sound)

27 July 2008

Siegfrieds Call

Siegfried’s Call is a partnership founded on October of 2006 by Scott & Andrea Bacon.They represent hand-crafted, high-performance brass instruments exclusively from independent, qualified makers in Germany.Relationships with makers such as; Dietmar Dürk, Steven Lewis (Chicago), Dieter Otto and Martin Ecker (Otto-Horns), Robert Worischek, and Chris Cornford, allow our custom opportunities that only Siegfried’s Call is in position to provide. In addition to these fine custom manufacturers, they now offer the Meister Hans Hoyer brand, as well as B&S brass instruments. These brands represent top quality from Germany’s top production facility in Markneukirchen.The German tradition of brass instrument manufacture is established with high standards of excellence, therefore, all of their Makers have achieved the Master Craftsman status in brass instrument making.
The Master Craftsmen maintain individuality through their personal philosophies, experiences, traditions, and visions. These attribute to our offering a unique and diverse high-performance instrument line.

The Dürk D2 is a completely new model as of February 2007. The horn shown above is a prototype, but is available for pre-orders. The D2 will soon be ready for manufacture. The horn’s options available will include: yellow or gold brass, fixed or detachable bell, optional F-extension, ergonomics kit, lacquer, engraved bell kranz. The horn includes: nickel silver hand guards on the bell and lead-pipe, water key on the lead-pipe, string mechanic, hand-lapped slides, A-stopping valve.
To learn more, or to place an order, please contact us at: Info@SiegfriedsCall.com

18 June 2008

Mr. Jefferson’s Bones (USA)

Mr. Jefferson's Bones began in 2001 as an off-season weekly sectional rehearsal of the trombone section of the Charlottesville and University Symphony Orchestra (CUSO) of Charlottesville, Virginia. CUSO's then Principal Trombonist, Robert Graham, aspired to build a low brass section that was highly sensitive to orchestral section playing and intonation.
Soon therefater, the group expanded its purpose to perform publicly by building up its repertoire of Christmas music, often playing in December to benefit the Salvation Army's kettle drives, Christmas Tree lighting ceremonies, and the residents of various Charlottesville nursing homes. In addition, MJB often performed for worship services and choir concerts at a number of area churches, and in 2003, collaborated with both Sojourners UCC and First United Methodist of Charlottesville to create an original worship musical entitled "God's Trombones: Jazz and the Gospel."
In 2006, Mr. Jefferson's Bones headlined an evening of Staunton's Jazz in the Park summer concert series with an expanded lineup including local jazz trombonists Andrew LaPrade and Mark Maynard, and a jazz rhythm section. MJB provided an exciting and eclectic evening of great jazz standards and newer compositions, including songs made popular by J.J. Johnson, Kai Winding, The Capitol Bones, Them Bones, Tutti’s Trombones, and The Stan Kenton Orchestra.

Anna Lindvall

Rafael Mendez

Rafael Méndez was born on March 26, 1906 in Jiquilpan, Mexico. His musical training began when he was five, when his father needed a trumpet player for the orchestra comprised of family members. The Méndez orchestra was a popular performing group and appeared regularly at festivals and community gatherings. Rafael loved the trumpet and actually practiced more that his father allowed.
In 1916, the Méndez orchestra performed for guerrilla leader Pancho Villa. He was so taken with the family orchestra, that he “drafted” the family into his army. Rafael quickly became Villa’s favorite player, and after several months demanded that Méndez stay with the rebels, even after the rest of his family were allowed to return home. Months later, Méndez was released from the rebel army, and he began to perform in several travelling circus bands, in addition to the family orchestra. He joined the Mexican army in 1921, where he played in the army orchestra.

22 April 2008

The Dragacevo Trumpet Players Festival (Serbia)

Guca Trumpet Festival was conceived by young educated people, enthusiasts wishing to brake the monotony of life in a small place as Guca of time was- far away and deep in a province. Their spiritual and cultural needs were far beyond the life of temporary socio-political events and activities. It was good luck for them to come to an idea to organize such a unique event as the Trumpet Festival, and it was also good luck for the Festival that that it attracted so many industrious and creative followers-devotees of authentic folklore and tradition.
The first Trumpet Festival was held on 14th October 1961 in Guca. It was held on the day of the Shroud of the Holy Mother in the churchyard during the last traditional festival that took place here. Young boys and girls thought that this festival gave them a chance for the last meeting. The organizers of the Trumpet Festival believed that, this way, they would have audience for their programme as well. The day was sunny and warm. The interest of the people exceeded all expectations of organizers.

Gaudete Brass (USA)

"…Certainly a group on the rise..."The Gaudete Brass Quintet has quickly established itself as one of the premier brass chamber ensembles in the country today. Founded in 2004, the quintet is committed to sharing the great brass quintet literature with audiences in an exciting and relevant way. They are Artist-in-Residence at Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and have been featured on a number of prominent concert series, including the Fourth Presbyterian Noon Concert Series in Chicago, Fine Arts at First at the First Methodist Church in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Musical Mondays in Milwaukee. The quintet has also performed on live radio broadcasts on the "Live in Studio C" program on Nashville Public Radio and the 21st Century Classical program on WSME in Milwaukee. In 2007, the group celebrated the centenary of Alec Wilder with the playing of his Suite No. 1 for Brass Quintet. The Gaudete Brass has collaborated with many accomplished organists on numerous organ and brass programs. They were the guest artists at the Freedom Celebration at the Northland Family Camp in Dunbar, Wisconsin. The quintet performed in the semi-finals of both the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition and the Plowman Chamber Music Competition in 2007.

19 January 2008

Canadian Brass to Holland

Canadian Brass is coming to the Netherlands on July 9th. The world-famous Canadian Brass gives a unique concert in concert hall ''Kunstmin'' in the city of Dordrecht. This concert is the first in a range of concerts during the Europe tour of Canadian Brass. Great chance that the tickets have been sold out quickly. First come, first served!

Bay Street Brassworks

Bay Street Brassworks brass quintet is an award - winning ensemble based in Baltimore, Maryland. For over 10 years they have performed a wide range of events including concerts, educational programs, master classes, clinics, festivals, corporate events, weddings, receptions, and tours throughout the United States and Asia. The ensemble just concluded a critically acclaimed 2006/07 touring season with LIVE ON STAGE, performing concerts in nearly 30 states. In 2003 the quintet won the New York Brass Conference Brass Quintet Competition and in 2006 joined the management roster of Producers, Inc. of Tampa, Florida and became Performing Artists with the Yamaha Corporation of America.
More here...

Unknown trombone player

Caprice No.24 in Aminor
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