11 June 2013

The Brazz Brothers

Well, now that we're in Norway, here is a video of the Brazz Brothers from Norway. A unique style and interpretation of brass music. 

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tenThing (NO)

Formed in 2007 by Norwegian trumpeter Tine Thing Helseth, tenThing are rapidly establishing themselves on the international scene.

Tine and three trumpet playing friends were watching a string orchestra play and wanted to be able to recreate that level of ensemble playing, while exploring great repertoire, for a brass group. Looking to keep things interesting, and since the four trumpeters happened to all be girls, they decided to keep the group all female.

tenThing work very closely with Norwegian guitarist and arranger Jarle G. Storl√łkken who arranges all the groups music. Having such a close relationship enables the ensemble to play the music they want to play, no matter what the piece was originally composed for.