19 August 2007

Spanish Brass Luur Metalls (SP)

Spanish Brass Luur Metalls has recorded his 11th Cd, entitled SBALZ BRASS ENSEMBLE, with the best brass players of Spain, conducted by Christian Lindberg. This Cd was presented at the Spanish Brass Alzira 2007 Festival and is composed of the pieces commissioned by the festival since 2003. Fierabrass, by Juanjo Colomer; Ter i Anta, by Ferrer Ferran; Reencontres, by Andrés Valero; Luurphoniam, by Francisco Zacarés and Brain Rubbish, by Christian Lindberg.With Spanish Brass Luur Metalls are recording this cd Rubén Marqués, Luís González, Pep Antoni Cassado, Pacho Flores, Carlos Gil, Miguel José Martínez "Viriato", Juan Carlos Matamoros, María Rubio, Vicent Puertos, David Alonso, Mario Osca, Alberto Pons and Vicent López.

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