19 September 2007

Josef Lídl musical instruments

Josef Lídl musical instruments were first produced more than one hundred years ago. Josef Lidl opened his workshop in 1892, first as a trading company and repair shop for musical instruments. This repair shop grew gradually to become the first musical instruments factory in Moravia.Czech countries have a rich tradition of producing musical instruments, dating back to the first half of the 17th century. Josef Lídl's workshop combined the experience of several well-known regions, such as Luby by Cheb or Kraslice. Soon, however, the firm began training its own specialists, who began to spread its high reputation.The assortment expanded gradually to include the production of string instruments: dulcimas, concertinas and pianos. An entire generation of Brno's violin makers were trained in Lídl's workshop. These included Jan and Frantisek Podesva, Josef Bucek, Josef Kreuzer, Antonin Galla and Frantisek Zyka. Josef Lídl's workshop became a name known all over the world for the production of corni and French horns. The first French horn was produced in 1924. It was a sporadic assortment in our counties at that time. Many French horns from Lídl's workshop became well known around the world.

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