27 July 2008

Siegfrieds Call

Siegfried’s Call is a partnership founded on October of 2006 by Scott & Andrea Bacon.They represent hand-crafted, high-performance brass instruments exclusively from independent, qualified makers in Germany.Relationships with makers such as; Dietmar Dürk, Steven Lewis (Chicago), Dieter Otto and Martin Ecker (Otto-Horns), Robert Worischek, and Chris Cornford, allow our custom opportunities that only Siegfried’s Call is in position to provide. In addition to these fine custom manufacturers, they now offer the Meister Hans Hoyer brand, as well as B&S brass instruments. These brands represent top quality from Germany’s top production facility in Markneukirchen.The German tradition of brass instrument manufacture is established with high standards of excellence, therefore, all of their Makers have achieved the Master Craftsman status in brass instrument making.
The Master Craftsmen maintain individuality through their personal philosophies, experiences, traditions, and visions. These attribute to our offering a unique and diverse high-performance instrument line.

The Dürk D2 is a completely new model as of February 2007. The horn shown above is a prototype, but is available for pre-orders. The D2 will soon be ready for manufacture. The horn’s options available will include: yellow or gold brass, fixed or detachable bell, optional F-extension, ergonomics kit, lacquer, engraved bell kranz. The horn includes: nickel silver hand guards on the bell and lead-pipe, water key on the lead-pipe, string mechanic, hand-lapped slides, A-stopping valve.
To learn more, or to place an order, please contact us at: Info@SiegfriedsCall.com

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