16 January 2009

Brandt Brass Ensemble (Russia)

Brandt Brass Ensemble – is a unique Russian musical group that performs as a ten-brass since August, 2003. Ensemble was founded in Saratov (Russia) – a city of great cultural traditions. It is named after V. G. Brandt – an outstanding german trumpeter, who had founded the trumpet classes and symphonic orchestra at the Saratov State Conservatory since the days of its foundation.
Brandt Brass Ensemble gave their first concert “The Brass Fantasy” on the 20th of December, 2003. It had a great response in Saratov’s musical community.
Brandt Brass Ensemble took part in Brass Festival (Lichtenberg, Germany) in June, 2004, organized by Rekkenze Brass and Haus Marteau. Israel composer Boris Pigovat wrote the Jewish Rhapsody “Dedicated to M. Chagall” exclusively for Brandt Brass Ensemble. The first night of this masterpiece was on the final concert of the festival in Bad Steben.
Brandt Brass Ensemble represented Russia on the ITG Conference, June, 2005 in Bangkok (Thailand). Their programme was called “Dreaming under the birch-tree”.
Ensemble is actively working with the composers from many countries. Michael Kheifetz (Saratov, Russia) commissioned “Drunken Song” to Brandt Brass Ensemble, first night was given at the ITG Conference in Bangkok 2005, there they gave another first night of “Tchastushka” by Alexander Gilev (Moscow, Russia).
There are several publications about Brandt Brass Ensemble in the international and Russian mass media. In American ITG Journal: September 2004, October 2005; in English The Brass Herald August 2005, February 2006. In Russia mass media: cultural digest “Footlights” February 2004, November 2005; in information-analitycal edition “The Time” № 13 October 2005; in newspaper Komsomolskaya Truth from the 14th March, 2006.


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