08 April 2011

International Trombone Festival June 2011 (USA)

Welcome to ITF 2011: 40th Anniversary in Nashville
''It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to ITF 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. This is where Henry Romersa started it all as the International Trombone Workshop 40 years ago. Some of you will remember the first nine years at Peabody College before it became part of Vanderbilt University and then another eight at Belmont College (now University).''

This year's 40th Anniversary ITF will honor the traditions of "Inspiring Virtuosity" with some of those folks who made the early International Trombone Workshops a success while pointing the way for the next 40 years with a line up that is truly inspirational.

Vanderbilt University and its Blair School of Music are proud to serve as the host site for ITF with nearby Belmont providing the venue for most of the Jr. ITF activities with Dr. Jeff Phillips in the lead. Music City is the home of all types of music with collaboration and cooperation being a local tradition that will be in full display during the Festival.


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