24 February 2013

Fine Arts Brass (UK)

Fine Arts Brass is now in its thirtieth year and firmly established at the forefront of the international brass chamber music scene. Originally formed in 1980, the ensemble took the name of the place of its first rehearsal, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts at Birmingham University. The group’s enduring success is due to its uncanny chameleon-like adaptability to different audience requirements. These can range from educational concerts for primary school children to broadcasts suitable for BBC Radios 2, 3 or 4. With the combination of their unique versatility of sound, eminent humour and passion for the music they play, it is easy to see why they have toured to over 60 countries and performed in just about every music festival in the UK.

Their repertoire is as comprehensive a s you would expect from such artists, encapsulating all musical genres from the Renaissance and Baroque to the sound worlds of the avant garde. Equally, when they play Swing, they swing!

They also have a penchant for commissioning new works (over 50 to date) and have enjoyed working closely with the composers who have written for them: Malcolm Arnold, Robin Holloway, Michael Nyman, John Woolrich & Michael Torke to name but a few. Their discography is no less impressive with a selection of 28 recordings to date with more planned! In the words of Classical Music Magazine, they are simply “Exceptional”. FAB receives financial support from the PRS Foundation and is proud to be associated with Smith-Watkins trumpets and Nimbus Records.

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