28 September 2008

International Brass (Germany)

INTERNATIONAL BRASS - five musicians from four nations sharing one common language: music. These cultural differences go towards creating a group with a unique appeal. Together, they help to inspire entertainment of the highest quality.

Willy Huppertz (The Netherlands), Waldemar Jankus (Lithuania), Wilhelm Junker (Germany), Thomas Lindt (Germany) and Matthew P. Hall (United Kingdom) combine to bring a rich musical diversity to the stage. From baroque to rock; from romantic organ works to big band jazz; from Mozart to Mancini - no musical genre is off-limits. And, above all, the consistent factor remains music making of the highest quality.Such a comprehensive repertoire allows the ensemble to provide programmes suitable for a wide range of occasions, from church concerts to open air festivals.

Original music for brass quintet does not provide music for every occasion. The ensemble has consequently tailor-made much of its own repertoire - striving to maintain the essence of each original composition whilst simultaneously creating a new work in its own right. Amongst many of the exclusive arrangements made for INTERNATIONAL BRASS it is possible to find some real gems.

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