20 September 2008

Opus Lib Quintet (Canada)

This high profile ensemble brings their own vision to classic jazz repertoire. This includes the classics like Bernstein and Gershwin, but also encompass some noted jazz composers : Mingus, Ellington and others. This is not a jazz group but rather an ensemble interpreting jazz in a classical fashion. Not only we do perform by ourselves, we also team up with guest artists. We are also setting up some special events with some symphony orchestras.
Opus Lib is also working on various pedagogical projects aimed at ages from elementary school up to university level. This way we could combine a concert with a workshop or small school presentation. The topics for the workshops could be not only brass instrument technique, but also arranging, composing for film, conducting, jazz performance practice, contemporary music performance tips, and so on.
The quintet members are talented in many ways. For instance, some compose and arrange for shows and films. They provide the Opus Lib Brass Quintet with original arrangements. Others are performing in major ensembles and orchestras touring everywhere on the planet.
Link to the website of Louis Babin member of OLQ

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