23 March 2009

NeosBrass (Netherlands)

NEOS Brass, the Netherlands’ newest brass ensemble, was founded in April 2007 by an enthusiastic group of young brass players. NEOS comes from Greek, and means exactly what NEOS brass is: young, new and passionate. All twenty musicians are graduates or students from Dutch conservatoires, and have wide experience as permanent or freelance musician in professional orchestras like the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, the Radio orchestras, The Hague Residence Orchestra, Holland Symfonia, the Nederlands Philharmonic Orchestra and the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy.Together they have joined forces to promote the unique repertoire for brass ensembles. NEOS Brass has several orchestra strengths (such as an English or German brass ensemble or brass quintet), but it always consists of brass players and percussionists from symphony orchestras (trumpets, horns, trombones, euphonium, bass tuba, kettledrums and percussion). NEOS Brass is coached by outstanding conductors and musicians and aims to illustrate, via various music styles (renaissance, baroque, classical, romantic and 20th century), the many and virtuous possibilities of 21th century brass players. Link

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