12 July 2009

Brass 5 (USA)

Brass 5 plays a variety of programs for all types of events.The "5" offer a vast repertoire from Renaissance, Classical, Dixieland, Jazz, Rock to Country -- they easily have something for everyone, young and old alike! If it's a concert you're looking for, Brass 5 may tailor a program to meet your needs or those of your community.

Almost any place is a potential performance hall for Brass 5. Based in Roanoke, Virginia - the 'Star City' - Brass 5 has been an active part of the Mid-Atlantic arts scene for 22 years. Brass 5 performances have been featured on local public radio programs and broadcast live on National Public Radio. Eager to create exciting music, Brass 5 has been featured in concerts throughout the Mid-Atlantic United States and Europe.

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