10 January 2011

Daniel Speer Brass (Hu)

The members of the band were educated in the Ferenc Liszt Music Academy in Pécs. Their repertoire is taken from the music of five centuries. They play renaissance ,baroque,classical romantic and contemporary pieces in concert halls ,churhs and also castles. They had a lot of successful concerts in Hungary and they gave excellent concerts in European towns and cities , like Sofia, Berlin, Nürnberg, Stuttgart, Trier, Paris and Bukarest.The Hungarian Radio and the Hungarian Television also recorded their play. The band often plays to students beside the public concerts. On these small concerts the students are able to get to know the instruments and it helps their musical education in a playful way.

The band took part in the „Subscrition Concerts for Youth” in the National Philharmony in several times. From 1997 Zoltán Péter gives an exciting tune with his drums to some piece of classical music (e.g. : renaissance dances) and to the rhythm of other lighter pieces. Jazz-treatments, marches, polkas, ragtimes and music for motion pictures colour the repertoire of classical music.In the show-performances a curiosity is the choreography of movements during their playing.

In spectacular scenes of the programme called „Operated Operas” the costumes and the parody raises a laugh in the audience. This is similar to the „Jazz-show” . These programmes are very popular in protocol events, for instance in receptions, congresses, parties and balls.The permanent guest artist of the band is jr. Tamás Katona in the open-air festivals from 2003. With the youngest and maybe the most talented blues guitar player of Hungary it is easy to sound blues, blues-rock, music for motion pictures or western arrangements. You can also recognize this colourful aspect on the casette and CD recordings. High standard and the love of the audience feature the music and thinking of Daniel Speer Brass.

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