17 January 2011

Golden Horn Brass Quintet (Turkey)

Golden Horn Brass Quintet is a classical music band that is a first of its kind in Turkey. The first brass quintet of Turkey, consisting of 2 trumpets, a horn, a trombone, and a tuba; presents a brand new sound, quite different from the ordinary instrument combinations, to the audience. Even though knowing there are not many works or productions in the world for such a band, the five musicians going after the ‘difficult but beautiful’, request works from present Turkish composers, as well as having certain important pieces in the musical literature arranged for their band, from baroque to jazz.

Their goal is clear: with their different formation of copper instruments, bring a breath of fresh air to first the Turkish audience, then to the music that is in search of new sounds. GOLDEN HORN BRASS QUINTET was established in order to make the ‘copper wind instruments’ more popular via concerts, in 2004 by Begüm Gökmen (Azimzade), and started actively in July 2004. Keeping this goal in mind, the group which is meticulous on choosing programs, in addition to its colorful repertoire from baroque to the modern, has ordered compositions from many Turkish composers.

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