28 August 2008

Bella Tromba (UK)

Bella Tromba are a unique and innovative ensemble. Their dynamic performances and charismatic personalities ensure that their work extends far beyond the boundaries of the classical music world. Bella Tromba met in 2004 at the Royal Academy of Music whilst studying for Postgraduates. Their aim was to form a versatile ensemble and to find repertoire to show the full spectrum of colours that the trumpet has to offer. The trumpet has been under exploited in the field of chamber music, though its versatility makes it ideal for this genre. Bella Tromba have unearthed much forgotten music for trumpet quartet as well as shaping the future of the trumpet quartet by commissioning and arranging new works.
The members of Bella Tromba have all performed with many of the countries leading orchestras, including the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Britten Sinfonia, the Halle, the Orchestra of the Swan and the London Mozart Players.

Bella Tromba’s Outreach programme is an opportunity for all types of people to discover and explore live music performed by dynamic young professional musicians.
Every concert and workshop is an exciting mix of Classical, Popular and Jazz music. Each piece is introduced with listening notes, and the production of sound is explored through informative and fun demonstrations.

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