03 August 2008

Miraphone Tuba Quartet (France)

Four Frenchmen, who play the tuba: Philippe Wendling, Patrick Couttet, Philippe Gallet and Olivier Galmant show as Miraphone Tuba Quartett, what the often too little appreciated instrument is capable of.
For 14 years now, the artists have been giving concerts in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and the USA.
With that, they received such excellent reputation as a quartet, that amazed even experts in music of brass instruments.
The four musicians already met several times in the course of their education, but it was not until 1993, when they again met at the National Conservatory in Paris, that they got to know each other very well, personally as well as musically.
Although four tubas are not a customary cast, the musicians want to show that, also with these instruments, it is possible to offer an entertaining repertoire.

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