13 August 2013

Royal Danish Brass (Denmark)

The Royal Danish Orchestra is considered the oldest orchestra of it's kind, tracing its origins back to 1448 and the Trumpet Corps at the royal court of King Christian I, who was crowned to an accompaniment of brass and percussion instruments. The Danish name for the orchestra - Det Kongelige Kapel - reveals that it was, in origin, an ensemble geared to supplying the music for court events, such as providing musical assistance to a visiting Italian opera company.

It was in this context that the renowned musician Christoph Willibald Gluck not only led the Royal Danish Orchestra, but also composed the music for special occasions – a notable example being the celebration of the birth, in 1749, of the later King Christian VII.

Over the years, the orchestra moved out of the court and settled down in the pit at the Royal Danish Theatre. A growing number of engagements saw an increase in the size of the orchestra, and when Johan Gottlieb Naumann carried out his reforms in the 1780’s, the ensemble numbered 46 members. It is relevant to mention here that it was at precisely this time that the Chorus of the Royal Danish Opera became permanently assigned to the Royal Danish Theatre.

Royal Danish Brass was founded in 1977 under the name The Royal Orchestra Brass Quintet. Five young brass players from The Royal Danish Orchestra, trumpeters Ketil Christensen and Søren Emtoft, hornist Poul-Erik Vilsbæk and trombonists Keld Jørgensen and Mogens Andresen, stated as an objective of the ensemble: the ancient traditions of open-minded and contemporary orchestrations, interpretations and versions retaining old music and in close collaboration with composers and colleagues, exploring new avenues in music under strict conditions of quality in every way.
Royal Danish Brass is THE Danish brass ensemble par excellence, with a high degree of musicality. There are concerts, church concerts, school concerts and 'clinics' and 'master classes' regularly.
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