27 August 2013

Westwind Brass (USA)

The Westwind Brass exists to broaden and enrich the musical legacy of local, national and international audiences through performance and educational services featuring brass instruments and music.
The Westwind Brass fields an ensemble of brass musicians who perform in various configurations of musicians featuring the unique timbre of brass instruments and performing the brass repertoire at a high artistic level.
The educational focus of each Westwind Brass performance is that music is for everyone!

Westwind goes to school

Around the World thru Brass (K-6)
This program is a multi-cultural musical journey through selected cultures. These selections include: Music of Africa, Music of Americas, Northern Native Americans, Central and South America; Music of Asia, China, and Music of Europe. The purpose of this program is to expose students to the distinct sounds of the world of music and how these musical characteristics have been incorporated into modern forms. Students will directly participate in various world rhythms, melodies, and styles.

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