29 July 2013

Phil's Old and Odd Brass Collection (USA)

 "Tornister"  Tenor Tuba by Cervany c.1900
This is a beautiful small Tenor Tuba or Baritone  in Bb made by Cervany primarily for the military. It is called a "Tornister" or "Rucksack" baritone. The advantage of such a small horn is obvious- it can be easily carried on a long march in a soldier-musician's backback. It is 16 1/2" lng (42cm) and has a bell 6 7/8" (17.5cm) in diameter. Note the unique design feature which has the leadpipe coming from the side opposite the bell. It is a nearly identical companion to my tiny Tornister Tuba which is only slightly larger.  The label  is written: CERVANY & SOHNNE - ZUKUNIGGRATZ IN BOHMEN.   This baritone and my Tornister Tuba were both lovingly restored by Dick Hansen in Massachusetts. They both play amazingly well for such small horns.
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