12 July 2013

Bertrand Moren with Brass Band 13 Etoiles (Switzerland)

Concert played by "Brass Band 13 Etoiles" in Switzerland. The work performed is "The Flying slide" (Ethan Thompson).  Soloist: Bertrand Moren.

His first musical beginnings made ​​Bertrand with six years on the piano and the cornet. From the piano he was thrilled from the moment, certainly thanks to his parents, who had always motivated and inspired him. The cornet, however, was not the instrument that could cause enthusiasm in him. At the age of 8 years and when he was still a student of the School of Music at Concordia Vétroz, he decided, inspired by his father to switch to the trombone. With this instrument he had to immediately play its fun and over twenty years later, Bertrand still has the same joy.

The first trombone lessons were taught to him by his father Géo-Pierre Moren. He proved to be particularly challenging, either on technical or on the musical level. The results were not as long in coming: Bertrand has received numerous Swiss league titles and prices, especially on the Swiss music competition for young people.

He also played in numerous musical groups and the Brass Band Treize Etoiles, where he is principal trombonist today.

After his graduation in 1995 he decided to study music. He had the privilege of private lessons with the greats of this instrument to visit, especially Branimir Slokar and Dany Bonvin. Bertrand studied for several years at the Conservatory in Geneva. In June 1999, Bertrand received the certificate of the College of Music.

Bertrand also had the pleasure to play with the orchestra of the Conservatory of Geneva, various chamber ensembles, brass quintets and other formations trombone. However, his preference is clearly the brass band formations.

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