15 July 2013

Flip Oakes Wild Thing™

With over 45 years of playing experience, Flip Oakes has designed a trumpet that surpasses all others. All Flip Oakes “C” trumpets and Flip Oakes Wild Thing Bb trumpets are made to enhance the sound and style you, the player choose to express. Each Wild Thing Trumpet, Cornet, and Flugelhorn is intricately set up by Flip Oakes personally, to ensure accuracy and the best in consistency and quality.

Flip proud to introduce the Copper bell Wild Thing™ Trumpets. The copper bells give the horns a warmer, and more “Ah” sound really more like “Awe“… Whereas a brass bell, has more of a “eh“, or “e” sound .
The copper belled instruments are the most ideal, and suited for ‘The SOLOISTS, or ARTIST’. In Jazz they are most sought after. Their sound just has more character to it…

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Thank you Flip very much for all your help and patience, but most of all for designing such Incredible Instruments, to make my job easier, and more enjoyable.
Frank Glasson
Professional Classical & Jazz Trumpet Player and Teacher
San Diego, CA.

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Charlotte said...

This is gorgeous!