13 July 2013

Bavarian Brass (Germany)

BAVARIAN BRASS was founded in 1994 by four trumpeters, connecting artistic training on their instrument. After a short time, organ and timpani joined more than "royal" instruments of the ensemble and led it to its "massive tonal splendor," as one reviewer put it.

Bavaria Brass is one of the few formations in this occupation and has performed with many baroque playfulness and musicality at home and abroad. Also on nationwide radio station the bright trumpets, majestic organ and timpani sounds pompous of the ensemble are sent.

The emphasis in church music concerts of the six friends lies in the interpretation of original trumpet parts of Baroque organ with an adapted voice. Here you let them lead and inspired that editing your own or other works in the age of Johann Sebastian Bach was a widely practiced custom.
It is also BAVARIAN BRASS but also a concern to demonstrate the versatility of today's Trumpets by arranging very different music from different eras.

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