13 July 2013

Bozen Brass (Italy)

Bozen Brass is not limited to one specific musical style. There repertoire goes from "baroque to blues" and lets them reach a broad audience.
They are perfectly able to offer this broad range in music even with genuine instruments fitting the time, the piece of music was composed. Music from baroque, renaissance and opera, presented in a black suit, is a reference to the classic musical education.
But five brass instruments are made for even more. Courageously and unconventially they switch to jazz, pop and rock, making appear stars such as Sting or Michael Jackson on stage.
The ultimate kick comes from time to time when Robert Neumair takes his seat behind the drumset.
Alpine brass songs are also part of their repertoire, just like a polka with vocals or a solo by Robert Neumair and his accordion.
A lot of pieces are especially written or arranged for Bozen Brass. Robert Neumair is the most busy composer, but Anton Ludwig Wilhalm is also responsible for some arrangements.

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