30 July 2013

Sonus Brass (Austria)

Many enthusiastic reviews in music magazine prove that Sonus Brass Ensemble, founded in 1994, has become one of the most active, intriguing, and innovative brass ensembles in Austria. In classical brass instrumentation consisting of 2 trumpets, bugle, trombone, and tuba the five musicians demonstrate a tremendous musical scope ranging from early to contemporary music and comprising original as well as cover versions. They have received international recognition for their numerous music appreciation projects:
 “Rocky Roccoco”
 "The Brass Workers"
 "The Emperors new Cloths"
"Don Quichotte and friends":
The second part of the concert consists of the play “Don Quichotte, clownish comedy”.
The play starts with Sancho Panza’s initial complaint, “I’ve been serving my master Don Quichotte for 17 years now! Pha! But what does he amount to without me his loyal squire?! Of course, in our play, Sancho Pansa will kill the dragon for his master. And Don Quichotte will be refused by Dulcinea, and there will be fierce battles between Don Quichotte and the windmills of La Mancha. In our version of this classic there will even be casualties, but in the end director Markus Kupferblum brings all the dead characters back to life, Don Quichotte will certainly have a happy end with his beloved Dulcinea, and Rosinante gets…. let’s not divulge all the surprises!

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