15 July 2013

Onyx Brass (UK)

Onyx Brass is one of the rare breed of chamber ensembles whose musical and technical virtuosity is matched by the accessibility and vitality of their presentation. Their mission is to have their extraordinary abilities at the disposal of the music at all times, and to play music of the requisite quality to reflect the status of the brass quintet as a serious medium for chamber music. The richness and warmth of their sound is remarked upon by all who hear them.

"One of Britain's classiest brass acts...stands apart from the rest of the field...holds its own as one of the finest brass groups in the country...audience enjoyment is paramount....If you ever see a concert by Onyx advertised, it is certainly worth a visit to listen to this energetic and dynamic brass group, which is busy attracting audiences to the genre of new brass music." (British Bandsman magazine, England)

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